PKR 1,000,000
Sum Assured
PKR 830

Accidental Death Benefit (Silver)

Jubilee Accidental Death Benefit gives you the flexibility to design your own cover so that you can protect your family’s future to ensure that they lead their lives comfortably, without any financial worries, even in your absence.

In the event of Accidental Death, the Plan shall provide for a payment of Sum Assured to your nominee as lumpsum benefit.

Pre-Existing Conditions’ means any injury, illness, condition or symptom:
  • for which treatment, or medication, or advice, or diagnosis has been sought or received or was foreseeable prior to the commencement of the Policy for the Insured Person concerned, or
  • which originated or was known or reasonably should have known by the Policyholder or the Insured Person (or anyone insured under the Policy) to exist prior to the commencement of the Policy whether or not treatment, or medication, or advice, or diagnosis was sought or received.

Natural Death PKR 2,370 Premium/Year
PKR 500,000 Sum assured
Accidental Hospitalization PKR 220 Premium/Year
PKR 50,000 Sum assured
Accidental Disability PKR 80 Premium/Year
PKR 500,000 Sum assured
  • Protection: The ability to opt for Sum Assured upto PKR 1 million within a click of a button
  • Benefit Options: Ability to opt for additional benefit types such as Natural Death, Accidental Hospitalization and Disability
  • Easy Sign Up: Answer a minimum number of questions and get insured
  • Admissible Ages: 18-55 years
  • Validity (Term): 1 Year
    • Exclusions
    • Waiting Period of 30 days from Date of Issuance. No claims shall be payable if incurred during the Waiting Period.
    • Pre-Existing Conditions
  • The Policy shall be null and void in case of any mis-representation made by the Policyholder at the time of purchase of the policy